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Is this Normal? Second day since nuc install


It has been raining all day until now. It is about 20deg Celsius. Is this normal. This is my first hive and just want to make sure.

This is only the second day since nuc installed


It is a little unusual, given the temperature outside. You may just have a very strong nucleus, but I would want to check a couple of other things.

First I would lift the roof and make sure it is not leaking rain inside the hive.

Second I would pull out your slider and see if it is wet. If it is wet, it could be syrup from your feeder, and in that case I would check under the feeder for a leak.

If neither of those is the problem, it may be that the bees are “mass cleansing” after being locked in by the rain. :blush: That would be nothing to worry about, but it is worth excluding the rain or syrup because they could really be hurt by that if you didn’t fix it.


What is that piece of wood between your two brood boxes?


It is the inner cover - he has a feeder on top of it. :blush:

By the way, nice avatar photo. Looks like Table Mountain, Cape Town. I was there for a few days in 1990, after working for 3 months in Surgery and Trauma at Baragwanath in Soweto (during the taxi wars! :astonished:)


Yes. Inner cover:blush:


All good under the hood! Pulled slider and it’s dry also. That’s as far as I will go for this week. I’ll let them do their thing for a week. Thanks @Dawn_SD


That is indeed Table Mountain. My husband is also a doctor and the training hospital affiliated with his university was Baragwanath. I’ve heard many an interesting tale about that place… He’s been working for a while at The Royal Marsden here in London, which is the polar opposite!


South African doctors are some of the best in the world. You can tell him I said that, and my husband agrees with me! :wink:


My observation is that you have a super on when you say you just installed your nuc?
Is that correct?
You need to build up your brood box before you add your Flow Super/any super.


He doesn’t. He is a smart Canadian and is feeding his bees above the inner cover. Stand down Lieutenant Faroe… :smile: :blush:


Diligence is my burden :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The price of peace is eternal vigilance… Name the author. :smiling_imp:


Leonard H. Courtney :slight_smile:


Good googling. You pass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: