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ITALIAN Flow Hive beekeepers | Am I the first one? =D


Hi I’m Luca,

I’m waiting for my first flow hive to be delivered in some days.
I’m totally new to beekeeping so I really need to read and learn a lot from this forum.
I live in a wonderful area near Garda Lake (Northern Italy) so I really hope my bees will grow healthy.
Spring is approaching so it’s time for me to start studying!


Ciao sono Luca,

Ho da poco ordinato il mio primo flow hive e non vedo l’ora di riceverlo.
Sono un principiante, non mi sono mai occupato di api prima d’ora quindi sono alla ricerca di preziose informazioni che mi permettano di avviare il tutto nel migliore dei modi.
Fino ad oggi mi sono affidato a vari forum e video online ma credo che a breve contatterò qualche esperto della mia zona per avere un aiuto “sul campo”. Vivo nei pressi del Lago di Garda.
Spero di condividere l’esperienza anche con voi.

A presto!


Hi Luca, welcome to the Flow forum. You are not the only Flow hive beekeeper in Italy! :blush: Flow has a customer service rep @Faroe down in Sicily who is learning about beekeeping. There is at least one other person that I remember in Italy too, but I think he is a little south of you.

You can search the forum using the magnifying glass and just type in Italy - lots of hits there. :smile:

In any case, the community here can help you with general advice, and hopefully you can find a local beekeeper who can help you with location-specific advice. :wink:


Hi Dawn,

Many thanks for your reply.
I’m at the very beginning so I guess everything within this website will be helpfull for me :wink:
Have a good day!


Hi Luca, welcome mate.


Hi Bruce, nice to meet you :wink:


Hi folks,

Flow Hive assembled!!
Saturday I will paint it :wink: