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Its been awhile

I was a flow hive Go fund me owner. I started reading the Flow forum when I first got bees to put in the flow. I have come so far and remember so many discussions from the past. Now I start over again to learn the flow system. After a few attempts my flow hive has honey. I now have 4 regular hives and my flow. I am excited to beecome acquainted with my old friend. I think I need to look at how to harvest and I am going to say I should have reviewed the instructions before I put it on I hope I had it cranked the right way. I can say I did rinse it out before I used it and I swung it a little to get water out and the entire thing fell apart. I hope I put it together correctly. Where should I begin my review? So much information I feel like I have missed out on a lot ! The flow is the dark hive to the left and the single box is my own swarm I captured this Spring.


Great to see you back, Neuman! :hugs:

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