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Just a picture of a buck and doe Antelope or Pronghorn near hives


I’m offering a photo of a Pronghorn Buck and Doe that were near my hives(not shown), but thought if you want to see some of our local wildlife here is a couple of pictures I took recently. Locally we call them goats, but they are actually Antelope or Pronghorn. As a game animal they are highly prized not only for the tasty meat but also for skill of the hunt as they are very elusive and hard to get close enough to shoot. The old saying for Antelope is that if you see one you can be sure it has already seen you. Besides the windy we have these animals are another reason I keep cinder blocks on top of my hives.


OK, hang on while I fire up the smoker! :smile:


Anytime is a good time, although summers are good. Tourist make place crowded. Late spring and or early fall is the best times in my opinion.


Gorgeous, Tony! Makes me reminisce about our RV trip to the Grand Canyon & Yosemite last June - love that country


Really Nice It makes me too remind of the trip Me and my family went for.