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Update on bear, deer, raccoons, groundhogs, poison ivy


I wanted to give an update on what I did in the Spring to set my apiary up for success vis a vis bear, deer, raccoons, groundhogs, poison ivy … And falling trees. And how it’s all going.

  1. I carved out my area then whacked it back another 10’. So pick your spot then add more room.
  2. I laid out landscaping cloth. I hate poison ivy and weeds (tick area). Double amounts of the cloth.
  3. Pine bark nuggets on top. The big clunky stuff that does not decompose.
  4. Simple livestock fence with tape and solar zapper. Fencing at nose level for everything hence 4 strands.
  5. Added a stick with special anti predator solar powered red lights.
  6. Cut off any and all nearby tree limbs and nuisance trees. I love trees; a few scraggly ones I took down however.

This went up as bear coming out and about in the Spring. Also apiary is located in part of property specifically away from deer trails but still in their area.

So far, fingers crossed, no damage. Electric fence and predator lights working.

I’ll report back in the Fall when bears rampage local feeders as they hibernate and when deer live in yards because they are being hunted in the nearby fields.


I’d be interested in photos too. Australia is very different…