Just starting my bee journey, Cambridgeshire UK

Hi Iโ€™m just starting my learning journey and thinking about how to prepare my garden for flow hive. Would love to connect with any UK members who have gone through the process, any advice welcome :pray:t3:

Anyone using flow in Cambridgeshire or Norfolk?

Many thanks, very excited to be on this journey :honeybee::honeybee:


Welcome to beekeeping! Hope your summer is full of nectar, pollen, and docile bees. :raised_hands::honeybee::honey_pot:

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Hi Rachel based in London.

I have 8 Flowhives in my garden and the bees are doing well.

Do Join the UK Facebook Group you will find other FH beekeepers in the area.

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Hi Paras thanks yes Iโ€™ve joined that it looks really useful.

I did have a look at your profile actually and I probably need to chat to you at some point soon about my nuc for spring time, from reading up looks like I might need to be reserving one pretty soon :grin:

Just need to have the confidence to press the button and go for it, but donโ€™t want to be unprepared and uneducated! Doing loads of reading and online course and Iโ€™m sure I can do this :muscle::muscle:

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If you need a Nuc let me know, my bees are very lovely to work with and prolific as well.

I also do workshop on my set-up and how to get the most of out colony using the FlowHive.

Kent is not too far from me, if you ever want to come along and see my set-up.

I also do beginners / workshops as well at my apiary, this is a hands on experience so you will know by the end if beekeeping is for you or not. But learning & working with calm bees makes a big difference at the start.

I also recommend you work your way in having 2-3 colonies as it makes it easier to compare your colonies, if you have any issues with one colony you can quickly deal with it since you have resources.


Hi Paras Iโ€™m actually in Cambridgeshire, easy to get to London from Peterborough, my surname is Kent :rofl::rofl: I know sorry itโ€™s confusing!

I would love to come and see your set up and please do send me details if your beginner courses, I feel like Iโ€™m missing something not getting up close and personal before I make final decisions.

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Apologies read that wrong and you did mention on your post.

I send you details privately, you can do a day work-shop.


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Perfect look forward to hearing from you

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