Kent Flowhivers?

Continuing the discussion from UK Flow keepers:
I’ve enquired before but would dearly love to hear from any Kent locals with Flowhives!
If you’re out there get in touch!
My Flowhive arrived in January but Have only just constructed it due to my ill health- well in truth my dear husband did!
I hope to get a swarm this year c/o our local beekeeper association, and have the hive on our balcony where I hope I can access it readily,
It’s not going to be easy as I’m about to have my hips replaced (not at the same time thankfully) but I can’t wait any longer- I’ve been planning to become a beekeeper since I was 6 when my grandpa let me help him with his bees- I’m now 66!
Wishing all of the Uk Flowhivers good luck- I look forward to hearing how we all get on this year!


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