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Langstroth and dadant deeps

we use langstroth hives, I have someone that has extra dadant deeps. will the dadant work on the langstroth.
Thank You

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum. :blush:

I am not sure quite what you are asking.

  1. If you want to put Dadant deep frames into a Langstroth box, that probably won’t work. Same with frames from a Langstroth hive into a Dadant deep. The bee space will be wrong under the frames.
  2. If you want to put a Langstroth box on top of a Dadant, that does work, but the Dadant is a little wider and you will need to close the gap at the top with a strip of wood. Putting a Dadant on top of a Langstroth is tricky, as you will have an overhang. I suppose you could nail a strip of wood to the bottom of the Dadant box to close up the gap.

I am surprised to hear of Dadant boxes being used in the US, as most people use Langstroth. Dadant in the US does supply Langstroth deeps - are you sure that they are not Langstroths? The Dadant adjustments I mention above are what you would need to do for a Dadant hive as sold in Europe.

I suggest getting a tape measure to help you decide. Personally I don’t like mixing different boxes, even when it is possible. It makes it more complicated keeping 2 different frame sizes, lids and bottom boards, and inspections can be harder, depending on how you normally do them.