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Longview Daily News

Colony Collapse Disorder might not be the end to honeybees

Longview Daily News

Doug Penning gently picks up a very cold bee he found outside its hive. Then he cupped his hands and blew warm air on it to revive it. After a night in …


The Cannabist

EPA: This pesticide is killing bees. (Pssst, it’s also in some of your weed)

This sample of a cannabis-infused edible is at the beginning of the preparation process to undergo pesticide testing on Aug. 20, 2015. (Mahala …


Meet the Woman Who Dances Naked With Bees, Thousands of Them

Known as the Bee Queen, Mapelli wears up to 15,000 bees when performing her signature “healing” dances for clients—an alternative medicine …


Some people will do anything for their 5 minutes of fame


Santa Clara: Power Crew Saves Thousands Of Bees

Citing concerns about dying bees, a colony of 40,000 European honey bees sitting under a light pole is moved to a local 4-H club ranch.


Honey Bees’ Altruism Can Spreads Some Types Of Genes

Researchers looked into the kin selection by examining the social behavior of female worker honey bees. The finding was that the genes passed on …


Bees: The Tips Of A Busy Trade

Modern Beekeeping Rules: Other Considerations

Okanagan man who tends to Canada’s largest organic vineyard says everyone can do more to help save the honey bee.

Bee Semen Can Protect Queens from an STD

The researchers obtained ejaculate from male dronebees and N. apis spores from worker beescaptured from a University of Western Australia apiary …


Bee-lieve it or Not! The Secret Lives of Honey Bees.

The Secret Lives of Honey Bees is a new exhibit at the Austin Nature & Science Center, located in the Visitor’s Pavilion, January 16th through May 8th …


The Guardian

Bee semen antibodies could protect hives from sexually transmitted disease

The Guardian

Immune proteins which protect queens bees from a potentially deadly fungus after mating have been identified by researchers at the Western …

Male bees protect female bees from sexually transmitted diseases, research finds - Weekly Times Now

Antibodies in bee semen that could help protect commercial hives from a potentially deadly … - The Marshalltown


“Sooner or later we will find the bee that is able to defend against Varroa "

It’s already here


Once again an introduced species bites us on the a$$.



Yes and tomorrow won’t be too soon.


Bees and butterflies could soon be on legislative agenda

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - Connecticut could soon join the ranks of states seeking to boost the health of bees and butterflies. The effort comes as …



The results of a new risk assessment study by the Environmental Protection Agency has forced the agency to conclude that neonicotinoids have a detrimental impact on pollinators, including honey bees.

Aldi Sud stores ban pesticides that are harmful to bees - first in Europe to do so

Aldi has become the first major retailer in Europe to ban bee-harming pesticides from its groceries. Supermarket Aldi Süd – the chain’s German branch …


Zombie Bees Are Real, and They’re Stalking North America

Not to alarm you or anything

A few years ago, John Hafernik detected in the walls of his house a thrumming hive of honeybees. He didn’t place a frantic call to the exterminator—he’s a bug-loving biologist at San Francisco State University—but grabbed some traps to experiment.


Harvard Gazette

Making use of the head

Harvard Gazette

As part of an investigation into how bees native to Australia pollinate tomato plants … “When farmers bring in bees to pollinate their crops it’s most often …


Home-grown epidemic blamed for global slaughter of bees
By WMNKRossiter | Posted: February 04, 2016

By Keith Rossiter
Lena Wilfert
Lena Wilfert
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European bees are to blame for a disease that is decimating hives around the world, scientists from Exeter have discovered.

Read more: http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/Home-grown-epidemic-blamed-global-slaughter-bees/story-28672781-detail/story.html#ixzz3zK57h9z1
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Kenya: Extracting money from wild honey bees

Bees have always been Kholde Kalume’s passion. He keeps wild bees nearby his village on the Kenyan ocean shore. It has been a worthwhile effort. His income has quintupled and the…


Bee Rustlers Hit California, Putting Almond Pollination at Risk:




Western Producer (subscription)

Queen bees dying sooner. Here’s why

Scientists with the U.S. Department of Agriculture may have found an answer why queen bees aren’t living as long as they used to. | Flickr/USDA …