Looking for a bee suit for 4yr old

Hi folks, does anyone have an unwanted bee suit that would fit a 4yr old that they would like to sell/donate?
My grandsons are showing interest and I’d like to investigate 2nd hand prior to buying new.

Hi Chris and welcome to the forum. I am interested to know about this also, as my nephew is showing interest.

Hey Karby, I’m quite happy to buy new but don’t see the point if someone has one that their kids have outgrown. Thanks for touching base.

Hello Lurch and welcome. When I started out I bought 3 inexpensive suits so my husband and youngest daughter could participate (this happened maybe once or twice :laughing:). The adult XS was a good fit for her at age 13, and the XL still comes in handy for my husband when I force him to help me, or the odd friend who shows interest.

I thought this pic of my nephew wearing the XS when he was about 4 might be good for you and @Karby to see, in case you have trouble getting hold of a second hand suit - lots of room to grow into :rofl: