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Local Flows in southern Mississippi or Louisiana?

Bees coming May 23 2017. Looking for other Flow keepers.

Have 1 complete flow hive now. Another modified 3 flow frame setup when we get bees in April.
Mother in law will have 2 when we swap the supers soon.
I live in Plaquemine. Where are you located?
See my other post about Jeff Willard’s small hive beetle excluder. It is very simple as long as the bees aren’t in the box.

I live in Metairie but will be hiving bees in Forrest County Mississippi. I will have 1 flow hive and 1 Lang. Bee packages will be arriving May 23. I’m concerned about such a late spring start but it is what it is. I guess I will have to feed more then normal. Have you harvested honey from your Flow?

Just saw your post, I am new to this forum (as well as beekeeping) and didn’t realize you had posted. We received a package on April 1st and the population is just now getting large enough for them to start on the super. Some of that may have been due to weather. YMMV.
I have read that if you can find someone local that will give you a frame or two of brood, you can “jump start” their numbers. Going forward, I’m going to be looking into doing that. Package bees take a while to get up to speed. I’d offer a frame, but you are a little far away and I already committed to creating a split for my mother-in-law who lost a hive. So, I may not have a frame to spare.
It looks as if you have a beekeeping equipment sales contact in Metarie (see below link). You may try calling there and see if she can point you to a local beekeeper to discuss whether this is a good idea and how you may go about it. Like I said, I’m new to this and you may want to take guidance from someone with a little more experience.

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Thanks for the link. Being a nubee this will really help to have local assets. Installed 2 packages 5/25. Late to start but bees seem to be settling in. Where are you located? It seems your hive has done very well if you are adding a super this soon. Have you also added a second deep?