Looking for a mentor - Cudgen, North NSW

Hey Forum,

Is there anyone in the NSW/QLD border region that offers beekeeping mentor support as a service that would be interested in helping a lovely couple in Cudgen?

They have an incredible handmade hive their son made them and installed a colony a year ago. The hive basically hasn’t been opened since. It’s quite amusing as the son is not a beekeeper and made a sort of Top Bar hive with personally designed brood frames (4-edged). There are plenty of quirks to the design that make it not the easiest to work with so they are wanting to transfer the colony to a Flow Hive. The homemade frames are completely unique and not compatible with any other type of hive so will need to be treated like a cut-out for the transfer.

The couple are wanting someone to transfer the colony to a Flow Hive and receive ongoing support and maintenance to look after the colony and are very happy to pay for this support.

Please let me if you’d like to know more or help out and I can put you in touch with them.