Looking for a mentor - northern Sunshine Coast, AU

I bought a nuc for my Flow Hive a few nmonths ago from @JeffH
Everything seems to be going well, but seems is the right word. I have only opened the hive up once and I’m’ not sure what to look for or what to do. Being a bee newb is tricky.

So I was wonderiing if there’s anyone willing to mentor me a bit. I’m up mear Kin Kin on the Sunshine Coast. I really only need one or two visits to get me started and comfortable with what to do.

I went to a Permaculture Club night last week as there was someone there talking about bees, but they were clearly not a FlowHive fan - said they were made by hippies and they didn’t work, as everyone know hippies don’t work. Silly old cockie…

But I was very disappointed with their attitude. I was looking for wisdom and support, not sarcasm and an unwillingness to help someone becuase they have a Flow Hive.

You never know, @JeffH might be willing to visit a couple of times, especially if you compensate him for his time. There are people in my local bee club who will teach newbies, but they almost all have some kind of fee, especially if they are coming to you. Jeff is very familiar with Flow hives, and hugely knowledgable about bees. He also loves teaching, as you can tell from his numerous YouTube videos. Why not give him a call? :wink:

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Gouff, I would recommend that you contact Valley Bees . They are based in Gympie/Kadanga and offer inspection of thier hives twice a month All are super friendly and very helpful to all that attend.
At each of the sites they have flow hives.
A cheap morning out


Hi Geoff, I can do classes on a fee basis, at your place or mine. It’s obviously more affordable at my place.

You could also consider the Sunshine Coast Bee Group at Yandina. Katie is lovely, I think she’s the president, or something like that, she has at least one Flow hive. The club also has one that I know of.

You can also watch a lot of Cedar’s Q&A videos, which have been uploaded onto this forum. I think, just search Q&A via the magnifying glass.

There’s lots of help available by simply asking any question on this forum. We are only too willing to be your online mentors.

PS, Q&A didn’t work by itself for me, however it did when I mentioned Cedar’s name. Here’s one example:

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Here’s the link to the Flow YouTube Channel:

And university of Guelph, which I highly recommend: