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Hello from North Brisbane

After first seeing the flow hive on Kickstarter several years ago and not being able to get one due to urban regulations, I am excited to finally have one of my own. I have “adopted a hive” in the past, but am keen to get started. I will construct and locate the perfect location in the next week or so.

I will also be looking for a nuc in early September if anyone in the area has one for sale.

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

Depending on how far you are willing to travel, @JeffH is in Buderim, a bit north of you. He is a long-time member of this forum, very experienced beekeeper, and he sells beautiful nuclei. :wink:

Thanks Dawn, @Esass , I’ll have nucs available early in Sept. if you’re interested in coming up this far. PM me if you’re interested.

PS Dawn, we just walked in the door from a fishing trip. Wilma was beside herself with the excitement of having our 12 y.o. grandson on board. Not a hint of sea sickness & he caught some lovely fish. The last trip we only had 2 fish on the boat by the time we went to bed on the first day. This time we had our record catch & the total catch by the time we went to bed last night at about 9pm. We left beautiful fish on the bite because we reached our bag limit on that species (Teraglin Jew). We got up this morning hoping to get something different, however not a bite, so after a couple of hours we came home, which is about a 4 hour trip.


Thank you @Dawn_SD & @JeffH for responding so quickly!

@JeffH I will definitely PM you, thanks