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New to bee keeping, Victoria, Australia


Hi all,

I am new to bee keeping and collecting the bees soon.
Are there any bee keepers around Seymour in Victoria? Many thanks!



A big welcome to the forum Amy, this is a world wide forum but I’m pretty confident someone down your way will be in touch with you.


Hi Amy
I’ve found that the North Eastern Apiarist’s Association (of Victoria) https://www.neaa.com.au is an excellent resource. I attended the autumn pack down day in Barjarg in the Strathbogies , but unfortunately was unable to attend the spring inspection event in Swanpool this year. It is a modest annual fee, and the group is welcoming.
Good luck
Kind regards


Hi Amy,
You can do a search up in the top right-hand corner of the page with “seymour” or victoria to see who is in your area :slight_smile:




Hi Amy, I’m new to beekeeping too. Just a little south of Seymour in Melbourne.

How is your hive building up this season?

I installed my nuc in November and it’s building up but I might be over-estimating how long it takes for the colony to expand.

Cheers Ally


It always depends on your local conditions as to how quickly your hive will grow. The only way to tell is by doing inspections.
You are welcome to post your beekeeping journey on here as well as any photos and ask for feedback from our forum members if you are unsure of anything (e.g. when to add your Flow Super) :slight_smile:
It’s also great to have a local beekeeping mentor who can help you find your way around a hive or to join a local bee club for the hands-on experience. :honeybee:

Hopefully, some Victorians respond to you though, as it’s great to share your local experience on the forum so others get involved and learn too :slight_smile:

@cottles @GmcGrace


Hey Ally,
Thanks for your message. I had a delay in getting the nuc so I am actually just waiting to transfer to the flow hive on the 22-1-19, then adding a second brood box as there are tonnes of bees at the moment. Fingers crossed that will remain the case as it so hot!! How are you finding things so far? I am a complete novice so finding it all new and hoping I am doing ok by the bees. Amy


Hello everyone, I am brand new to beekeeping. My husband bought me two hives for Christmas and I am setting them up today. Wish me luck.


Welcome to the Flow forum and good luck! Are they Flow hives? We will still help you, even if they are not as we have beekeepers here with many different types of hives.

Do lots of reading, watch youtube, join a local bee club and as as many questions as you want here. :blush:


They are the Flow Hive 2. I am very excited. I have been doing research for about a year and trying to locate a beekeepers group but so far the closes I have found is on another island. I live in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands and found a beekeeper in St. Croix which is a plane ride or a long ferry ride over. I have talked with him and he has given me some pointer but wish I could visit someone hives. I am very excited about this new adventure.