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Looking to buy a 7-frame hive in the US - Colorado


I live in Denver, CO and am looking to buy a 7-frame hive or super to go onto my langstroth hive. I am willing to pay for shipping - but not from Australia! Thanks.


Shipping isn’t actually that bad here… They have US manufacturing as well, I believe. Both my 6 and 7 frame kits were on the order of $40ish in shipping each.


Can you elaborate on those sizes? Do you mean a 7-frame Flow super which is a 10-frame hive?


yes- a 7-frame super for a ten-frame langstroth hive.


Once you get over the price of the product & shipping, you’ll still end up with the product that you wanted.


Mine was shipped from oregan. Check out the USA site from the flow store


We have one, just listed - Modified Deep w/Flow Frames for sale - VA USA