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Made a "Go to Bee School" video!


Could be good to spread around :slight_smile:


Wow, my bees are not that friendly but I am going to fix that by requeening this May. 2 of my hives do not mess around whether I smoke or not. New genes I am hoping fixes that. My other 2 are Buckfast from Canada and they are very friendly.

I am also a chicken, I would be the one guy in the crowd with a full suit on ha ha


Wow, no bee suits for the students? Love the shot where the instructor is suited up but none of the students are!

They look like huge classes!


No suits for students :slight_smile: We had veils and gloves for those that wanted them. Very few opted to use them despite a 15-minute class session from an ER Doc about honeybee stings.

No students stung, but I got one pinching a bee when I was putting my hive back together.