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Made an entrance reducer


The very afternoon after I posted this comment, I was driving on my way to do a little bee job & this is what I found:-

It’s always good to keep on the lookout for any free wood. It doesn’t come any cheaper.

Apart from making lids, bases & the odd bee box repair, I might even be able to make a few entrance reducers.


Thanks, sounds like an excellent idea.


I designed a frame for my mouse guard and added a reducer. It hangs on existing screws on my slatted rack with keyhole hangers. The reducer is wide enough to add a larger opening on the other side, which I plan to do in spring. Will also be adding a swing latch to ensure reducer doesn’t slip out. For extra security to keep the frame attached to the box, I will be adding “z” swivels from the upper screws.


@Gerald_Nickel and @Dawn_SD - just a short comment to say thanks for your previous posts about dimensions for the entrance reducer. I used the comments/dimensions in your posts to make my reducer for winter this year. Cheers!


I haven’t seen the follow pic on this forum yet, so I though I’d share it with you. It helped me a lot.


I really like that idea :slight_smile: