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Manuka Honey Fake

Did any one else see the news that one of the suppliers pleaded guilty to adulterating the honey. I always wondered if it was just a scam. Now it it seems it is the truth.


Interesting. Those overhyped things do seem to either be promoted by or easy targets for scammers. What was it adulterated with? …and what’s rort? :thinking::blush:

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Eva, a rort is slang for a scam.

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Ohhh, I get it - so the sellers were using manuka honey in their heavy makeout sessions! :upside_down_face::joy:

…just kidding, over here we’d say the customers were getting hosed :wink:

Getting hosed – I like that. I’m guessing that means to water something down, provide a lesser product. Whe are you from?

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Sure, that’s how we explain it to the kids.

I’m from the Philly area of PA, USA, how about you? …this would be a good time to fill that info in on your profile by the way :wink:



My mom use to say, We got short ticketed ! Cheated !


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I felt “short ticketed” last week. A bloke phoned to say that he had a swarm as big as a fist. I know I can do something with a swarm that small. He didn’t live far away, so I agreed to pick it up first thing in the morning because it was getting late when I got home & when I was told about it. First thing I grabbed a frame of brood, went to the house to find a tiny cluster of bees the size of my thumb. The bloke apologized because it twice as big when he phoned us. I thought “the size of two thumbs”. Anyway I put the frame of brood in a colony that needed boosting, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.


NSW Australia. A little place called Tumbi Umbi

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Hi Andrew, the location would look better in your profile. :smile: At the top of the page click on the “H” icon next to the magnifying glass and change topic icon from there you can update your profile and add where you live etc. :slight_smile:


Do you say the U long or short?

@Eva click the link below. I was NSW born and holidayed up that way for years.

We pronounced it as per the highest voted version (4 Votes) on this site.
How to say Tumbi Umbi like a local.
Click on the speaker icon when you get to the page.


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i ask them to send me a picture if they can- as I’ve had a few call outs like that. I had one where the lady said bees had swarmed- but in reality they were just busy on a huge flower on a palm type tree thing. I had another where it was 4 paper wasps.

Hi Jack, I’ve had the same thing. This bloke sent a photo to Wilma’s mobile, but for some reason it didn’t arrive. The day I got home to find the news of the swarm, I was feeling good about a tiny queenless colony I found in the grass at my main site. I gave them a frame of brood plus the roof of a colony that had build comb in it with some honey. Then we had lots of rain while I did a sizeable extraction. I returned the stickies fully expecting to find no bees with the frame of brood slimed. As it turned out, the frame of brood was covered in bees with new queen cells. However not many bees to forage or covering the adjacent frames. So I brought a resource hive home & placed that little colony in it’s place. Then I shook quite a few bees from the resource hive over the roof, before closing it up to bring home.

I did a similar thing with a tiny swarm I picked up yesterday morning. I checked it out this morning, to find plenty of bees covering the brood, plus plenty of bees on the adjacent frames I left with it.

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Very interesting, Terry. Is it fair to guess that the English/Aus way hews closest to the way the folks who made the name up say it?

My wife is Western Australian and on a recent trip to the East Coast she had me in stiches as she tried to pronounce some of the unique New South Wales, Victorian and Tasmanian place names. Australia does not have large differences in accent, but we do have a broad varition in pronounciation, even simple place names such as Albany are pronounced differently from east to west

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Such a shame that a company destroys a good reputation just because they want to earn more money. Greed is such a bad thing. Too much of that in our todays world:grinning:

Hi @JytteS yes very sad