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Maryland 4 gently used flow frames

Four (4) Flow frame classic for sale
Gently used, clean
4 frames, not hive body
Pick up in AA county, near Annapolis
I occasionally go to York, PA so could possibly deliver there
Asking $220

You paying the shipping?

I would also inquire about irradiation. I treat any used beekeeping equipment with a degree of caution. Even stuff that has been “gently used”.

No, sorry. Pick up near Annapolis, MD or possibly York, PA
No shipping.

They have not been exposed to any diseases. We have not had any diseases in our hives, at all.
I have Treated our hives for mites with oxalic acid. The flow frames were not installed at that time.

I will figure out how to do that. Am going through York tomorrow morning. My son is in college there and am picking him up after his finals.

I have the invoice, but can’t see how to send you a private message. Can you help me out with this?

Quite understand your wanting to confirm it is the real thing and not a knock off from China. I have the invoice and am happy to share it with you,

“They have not been exposed to any diseases”. Do you know AFB or EFB when you spot it? It can be present in just one or two cells & expand from there. Is the colony still going? If I was buying those frames, I’d be interested in what happened to the colony.

Sorry for the confusion, I live in Australia. I’m not in the market for flow frames.

I just thought I’d remind new beekeepers to be wary of second hand beekeeping equipment. An annual inspection by a state inspector is no guarantee that a colony is disease free. Bees can pick up a disease any time between annual inspections simply by (while they are foraging) robbing out another hive that has succumb to one of those diseases.

Hi Logan Did you end up selling the frames to Cowgirl? If not, let me know… I’m in Jackson NJ & could easily meet you in York. You’ve probably already picked up your son for winter break, but I can wait. Spring is a long way off. Just let me know if they are gone. Thank you & Happy Holidays!

HI greenGoddess - I will send you a pm. I go past York on Jan 3rd.