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Looking to buy TWO used 7 frame flow supers

I’m new to bee keeping and unfortunately I do not have a ton of cash to spend on my new hobby.

So I do have a regular 10 frame langstroth hive setup ready to go. What I’d like to do is to swap my 2 medium supers off my setup and put 2 used 7 frame Flow supers on. From what I’ve read the Flow 7 frame supers WILL fit my 10 frame langstroth hive setup.

So, if anyone has TWO used “Flow” brand 7 frame supers for sale I would be interested in speaking with you about my buying them.

You can reach me directly at RockyMtnBeeMan@gmail.com for emails.

Plz let me know soonest because the season is FAST approaching.

Thank you.


Hi Jeff, my strategy is to treat any second hand beekeeping equipment with extreme caution. I wont use any second hand beekeeping equipment until after I give it a thorough scorching, that is after removing all the wax & propolis. Obviously with flow frames, that can’t be done.

Good point Jeff, can you wash with bleach?

I believe that Flow says a 20 minute soak in diluted bleach is fine, but perhaps @Freebee2 or @KieranPI can confirm or correct this? :blush:

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Hi @Zzz, I have no experience with using bleach to sterilize beekeeping gear, so I wouldn’t know.

Secondhand beekeeping gear with an established colony would be a different story because you can physically see the health of the brood.

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My understanding from the Biosecurity guys here in NSW is that AFB spores will effectively remain protected in wax for many decades, the only true way to be sure that AFB is destroyed is irradiation.