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May 6, 2017 - Somerton Beekeepers Association Meeting, Somerset, UK


6 May, 2pm
Somerton Beekeepers’ Association Meeting
Long Sutton Village Hall, Martock Road
Long Sutton,
Somerset TA10 9NT

Flow Hive co-inventor Stuart Anderson will be attending the upcoming Somerton Beekeepers’ Association meeting next Saturday, where he is looking forward to meeting you all.

Stu will be on hand to give a presentation at 2pm, which includes a personal account of the story of the Flow Frames—a honey harvesting invention 10 years in the making, underpinned by a love of bees. Come along to meet Stu in person and join in on the Question & Answer session after the presentation to have your Flow Hive questions answered.

Stu also attended the recent British Beekeepers British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) Spring Convention, where he was joined by Stewart, Anita and Bill from the Somerton Beekeepers’ Association. These fellow bee enthusiasts joined Stu at the Flow Hive booth (pictured below), and for the length of the Convention, sharing stories, meals, honey and swapping beekeeping notes.

Stewart also provided the Somerton Beekeepers’ beautifully oiled Flow Hive Classic 6 Frame as part of the display for the convention. For all those interested in taking a closer look at the Flow frame technology, this hive will be on display again next Saturday.

Tickets to this event are £5.00. To reserve your spot, contact Steve Horne on steve.horne1@btinternet.com

More Info - http://www.somersetbeekeepers.org.uk/somerton.html