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Mentor wanted for Moolap Geelong Victoria


Soon I will receive a Flow 2, and want to connect with an experienced Beekeeper so that the setup is correct the first time. I have purchased gloves, a suit and steamer.
I will assemble and paint the Flow 2 prior to placing in my backyard.
I will need bees, and have them placed into the box.
Recently I joined Geelong Beekeepers Club. At the meeting Robert Owen presented and sold his book to me Australian Beekeeping Manual. Also, I have the Australian Beekeeping Guide.
I would like to visit, watch and possible assist some close by, but also have them come to my place and assist me in this first year particularly.


Welcome to the forum Paul, and to the amazing world of bee keeping. You are going about it the right way and asking for help and advise. As you learn you will feel that suddenly there is a lot more to learn and it all picks up speed on you. We have all gone down that road mate !!
Your ‘steamer’ is actually a ‘smoker’, I know a bloke who calls it a burner, he doesn’t wear gloves and regularly grabs the chimney and not by the bellows :wink:


Opps, I better use the right terminology. Thanks.


That was an easy one to figure out Paul, some need head scratching.
Hope you find someone at the Geelong club or on this site to mentor you, it is a big help just to hear someone say your hive is going well and in the right direction.