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Where to buy Wax sheets


Any advice on where I can purchase sheets of bees wax for my Hive?


If you ask anywhere else, say you are looking for natural bees wax foundation, Langstroth deep size, non-wired. :wink:

The wax sheets are called “foundation”. Langstroth deep is the size for brood boxes. I presume you want non-wired, as you just went to a lot of effort to wire your own frames. :blush:


Are you a member of the Gold Coast Amateur Beekeeping Society. Would pay for you to join. They often give advice on where to buy foundation etc. Ken


Hi Dawn,
I just FINISHED wiring all the frames to my satisfaction. Forget how many times I did them!
First, it was because the SS wire was too thick. Then it was because the wire sagged in the fragile timber. Anyway, found the right eyelets, got some SS wire from the fish tackle shop (although still chose too heavy a wire), made a reasonable jig, and NOW I want to go the next stage.
To you and ALL those members who have made me feel so welcome, THANK YOU!
George (Jasper is my You Tube name by the way).


Will do this ASAP now that I have the hive to the next stage, thanks.


Cheers Dawn
My last message was not accepted because it was too short
I am slowly getting where I want to be before winter kicks in.


I think the limit is 20 characters, but I believe that emoticons count. :wink:


:smile: :wink: :sunglasses: :nerd_face:


Oh, you are so clever. :sunglasses: Why didn’t I think of that? :frowning_face:


You just did! :rofl:


if you have not your foundation Google Burnett Beekeeping Supplies, they have 3 branches and you can arrange delivery Australia wide with them. There foundation is slightly thicker which is a good thing. They use true bees wax and make the foundation them selves.
Don’t buy foundation that seems even remotely like China is involved, they are mixing paraffin into the bees wax and other crap to make more profit. Scientists say it is 20% paraffin and some other nasties as well.
If in doubt about how to fit the foundation correctly let me know, I have a brother I visit at Carrara and could show you while I was down there. 0456 710016


Thanks Peter48, Probably a bit late, not your fault, but I have bought wax from Beekeeping Gear in Sydney. Just emailed them the question regarding PARAFFIN!. A huge issue for me at this early stage, when I can do it 100% right, or at least try to.
Seems okay, there is no smell of Paraffin, but I am very new to this, so maybe you can give me more info on them?
Have enough to do all my frames and then still enough to spare.
Next question is on the forum now.
I am having no issue fitting the wax to the frames or the wiring (have made a great jig). but thanks for the offer. Give me a call if you are around Mt Tamborine and if I am home, which is usually the case, taking care of the hives etc, then we can share a drink and some conversation

Thanks again Peter.


It sounds gross but do a tongue lick test, if it has paraffin your eyes will squint at the taste. The color is as per true bees wax. It was recently found by scientists and all coming from China or Chinese connections with averaging 20% paraffin wax.
This crap has showed up on EBay and on a google search for foundation in Australia, ‘Wong’ is selling it as available in Australia so unless it from a bee keeping supplier I would not buy it. A bee keeping supplier wouldn’t sell it as he would know word would travel and his business would crash.


Okay, I am headed down to the shed NOW!
Hope the few beers I’ve had don’t impact on my taste buds.
By the way, the bees are thriving, so at least that is one good thing.
Back soon…


Hi Peter,
Just gave them a “taste and Smell Test”
No taste at all, no smell at all.
Asked my wife for a 2nd opinion: Same result.
Maybe they are all good???
Let see fro tomorrows response from the email I sent them.
Thanks for the heads up.
As with everything, price is NOT the judgement to buy from anyone.
I did pay the same price as any other site.


As you bought them from a reputable bee keeper supplier I would feel safe and you could ask him if his supplier uses Australian bees wax. The shonky bees wax I have been told has a bad taste to it like licking diesel fuel.
Glad to hear the bees are going well for you.
I am busy making up supers and bee frames being made and wired ready for foundation. I hate the idea of the bees wasting their time making wonky comb and me having to waste my time getting it right. I much prefer that the bees have a ‘heads-up’ on building the come so there is no lost time and production.