Mixing polystyrene and wooden hive parts?

For @Dee and any others who use poly hives, is it feasible to use wooden supers with poly brood boxes, assuming they’re the same/Lang size?

Thanks for any advice :cherry_blossom:

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Yes I do. I started with wood and had quite a few supers so still use them. I have a few poly supers when I’m getting bees to draw frames and for cut comb.


Hello Eva,
We tried it one year, combining our woodenware with Danish Swienty brood boxes, hoping to keep them cozier through the winters.

It worked fine, but we went back to the wooden as we found them easier to work in and wanted to stick with natural materials.

We didn’t get to winter over that year, as we lost both hives to yellowjackets. The entrances were more difficult to reduce due to their slope and no landing board.


Those poly hives must be designed like that so that snow doesn’t sit on the landing board, I’m guessing.
I use strips of an old latex mattress cover to block entrances. Would something like that work at reducing the entrance of one of those poly hives?

Tracey !

Thankz for your notes n photos. It shows the combo usage really well ! I can see the actual entrances so not sure about the reducer issue. I know the Flow-hive is different (Beveled front to back). Sometimes I just use a small or longer cording/rope for a quick reducer.

Guessing since I have “Absolutely NO” plans to use or buy foam hives it’s not going to be an issue for me personally… but often I’m asked by newbees n wouldn’t have a idea ! If you have time could you share a lower angle view so we/I could get an image in my gray matter.

Cheers n Thankz,


I’ll bet it (strips of mattress cover) would. I made some reducers out of cardboard and bubble-wrap that did the trick. If we give them another try, I will need to have something ready.

Hullo Gerald,
My Swienty hives are at the back of my garden shed, so I’ll post a photo or two for you when I get in their later this spring :ok_hand:t5:
It’s a nice design, with the cut-out entrance sloping up into the hive. They were a little too fiddley for me, and I just prefer wood (and am thinking that I’d rather have my bees chewing on wood than poly too), so they are my back-ups for now.

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Thanks all! I will chew on this idea now :grin:

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FThankz for the quick response ! Just the kitie cat curiosity :smiley: ! As you have time only …

Got one of my three hives somewhat out n about here today. The temp climbed to 47.0 dgs over here … still too cool for deep digging … Checked my moisture cushions n food supply. Boxes feel rather lite so added some winter patties to tide them. Not sure :thinking: how my cancer treatments or kind will go … so couple local beeks are going to help me if I need. Don’t feel bummer or off/weak yet. I guess that’s how it sneaks up on us. I’m still working my garden, cleaning our roof n stuff I’m not suppose to do if I have to go the surgery route.

Cheers n May our bees be successful
In 2018,


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Hi Tracey, those poly hives being Danish design, are probably designed with harsh winters in mind. The “too fiddly” cut-out sloping up entrance is probably a good thing for your area. They are probably designed that way so that snow doesn’t sit in front of the entrance. Plus the cold wind might not blow directly into the hive.

I put all my poly boxes on wooden floors with underfloor entrances. Don’t get blocked up,dont let wasps in. They work a treat


I remember you mentioning the under-entrances before, Dee. Where are they from, or did you make them?

Hi Dee, right! I haven’t tried underfloor entrances, or done any major mods to my Swienty, which has a molded floor and some loose plastic pieces (the fiddly bits) that the frames rest on to keep them fitted in the boxes.

I’ve seen a design for a false entrance to trick the wasps, which we’re interested in trying out. Can’t find the link at the moment…

Hi Jeff,
Exactly. They are well-designed for our weather. The fiddly bits are inside, and not really an issue. We haven’t really given them a very good test. We only used deeps too, and used wooden mediums and the Flow for honey supers.

Ahh, here it is:

Has anyone tried this? API-shield Hornet Trap

I hope all goes well for you Gerald :purple_heart::honeybee:

I make them but have plans if anybody is interested. They are for a square hive so you would have to modify for a Lang.

Vita introduced their Apishield floors some years ago here in the uk. I don’t know how popular they are. My wasp expert thinks that the bees would be seriously upset by the alarm pheromone from all the dying insects underneath them.

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Ooh, that’s interesting.
Have you noticed upset bees when using them?

I don’t use them. …

Yes, great, thanks Dee! I’d love to take a look :eyes: at your plans.