Size of brood frames for hives

Hi. I’ve just started a beekeeping course in Ireland. I have been told not to buy an American hive, or use their designs, as the frames are a different size from our European ones. And apparently when you buy bees they come on a frame. So could somebody tell me the measurements of your frames.
Thanks. Anne

The Flow hive takes deep Langstroth frames. I don’t know what your standard frames are in Ireland, but if they are British standard (aka National) then they are fairly easy to adapt.

Flows come in national size now and that is the uk standard

Hi Anne,
We sell a Flow Super in UK national size:
"This system is designed to be compatible with either the UK National hive, Rose hive or the UK Commercial sized hive."
The Flow Hive is in a standard Langstroth 8 deep size, and the Flow Supers come in a Langstroth 8 or 10 size.
Or you can buy the Flow Frames separately here:
The dimensions are:
The height of the Flow frame is 240mm; this perfectly fits a Langstroth deep box.

The width of the clear frame ends is set to 50mm. Flow Frames are wider than traditional Langstroth frames which means they hold more honey and the deeper cells discourage the queen from laying should you choose to experiment with no excluder.

The length of a Flow Frame is adjustable. A standard Flow Frame is 480mm long; however, you can reduce the length in increments of 12mm by removing some of the comb blades. This allows you to adapt the length of the frames to many different sized hives.

(we don’t sell UK national sized Flow Frames, only Langstroth sized Flow Frames).

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Thanks, I don’t know either, but imagine we are the same as UK measurements. I’ll take all this info into my next meeting/class

In line with this topic, I can’t seem to get information if standard 5 frame nucs fit in Flow Hive. I am trying to get bees ordered for my new Flow Hive and don’t know who to order from so that the frames are compatible…

Just found this blog post where Stu explains how to adapt the frames to a UK national hive.

If the frames in the nuc are Langstroth deep size then they will fit no problem.

When you order a nuc just say it is for a Langstroth 8 deep beehive (the size of a Flow Hive).

Assuming your nucleus will come on British Standard frames, you can adapt them. If you do a search on this forum for adapt national to Langstroth, you will find this post:

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Forgot about that post, that’s a good one :slight_smile: