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Modifying a Langstroth to a Hybrid Super


After having had my flow frames for a while, now understand them and am comfortable with them so decided to make a hybrid.
Making a few bits allowed me to use 5 flow frames and 3 wooden frames without modifying the super. Because I have 3 hives with flow frames may make them all like that and give me another beehive with the leftover flow frames

Doing this will allow me to get honeycomb, as well as making it much easier to remove a single flow frame if I have to. By removing a wooden frame first, would make removing a flow frame much easier. The issue I have is getting a flow frame out for inspection is extremely difficult. Because of all the wax they can be very tight and I afraid the plastic may break trying to get them unstuck.

Initially I modified the frames a bit later found I didn’t need to. Some may also comment on the frames having been nailed from the top, but they’re glued as well.

Customized hybrid super...proper spacing?

@onehivehoney. Great job!! You must be proud of yourself. :+1::star:


I will be if it works.
So far no escapees.