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Morning hive inspections and moves :)


Afternoon or maybe morning there,

Got my britches on before dawn today. Had to capped entrances of 6 Nuc’s before the colony woke up much !! A friend had to go to the doctor so I transferred 6 Nuc’s into
sungle deep hives for home this morning. The morning was beautiful !!! :+1:. Here’s a few pics from the morning job. Sorry ! Not Flow-hives :grin:

This ole man is a little tuckered now. Guess I’ll take a nap n then get to working on my own bees. I have three more to inspect n complete "sugar-roll-mite check. I have a new Beek coming over tomorrow so save my “Pine Hive” to shower her the ropes. She is a doctor in one of our local hospitals. She does better surgery than beekeeping. She wanted some guidance n mentoring so I’m going to do a complete deep inspect, mite check n add my big Cedar 7 frame Flow-Super … She can help n learn about Flow-System up close n personal on Humpday (Wednesday) …

My sweethearts cslling so better (di di) get out of here. I’d say Sorry for to many pix’s but really not sorry. :wink::+1:. Bye bye

Hen gap lai (see you later gator),


Is that my queen?
Is that my queen?

Nice pictures :slight_smile:
I’m wondering if you meant you started before dawn, early morning, or @Dawn_SD :wink:

Your bees look nice and relaxed :bee:

Good luck mentoring, I’m sure she is lucky to have you as her mentor :slight_smile:


Sorry ! I miesld Sending the pix of Mtn Rainier. 14,411’ n white all the time when you can see it ( lots of cloudy days here )…

. It’s time to GO n get something done. Vera is raising her eye browse. I’m suppose to be going grocery shopping for her…

Bye bye


Hmmmm, hey Dawn !!! Did I start before you ?! All I know I only got one cup of coffee drank before I left. Usually 3 to 5 cups. That’s my Vitimin “C” for the day !



Hahaha that sounds like how much coffee I used to drink in the morning before I could do anything.
Now I am in Italy I actually drink a lot less strangely.
But that’s cos the cups are so small, and they look at me strangely when I ask for a doppio/double shot :wink:



Darn Girl !!

You sure get around !! And that Italian stuff you can stand a spoon up in it. :wink:. Must be dark over there now ?!

Better get to the store !! Before I get scolded !
Ta Ta,

. This was yesterday morning before the bees got up. :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


By the looks of it @Gerald_Nickel has his britches on before all of us, every day :smile:!



Reveille is usually between 05:00 n 05:30 but Rocky my rooster starts earlier. The day I got the pix of the waning gib moon with Venus was about 04:30. My daughter text me she saw this combo on her way to work n she knows how dad loves special celestial events no matter the hours. So I heard my phone vibrating all over the night stand next to me … You can’t sleep thru that one !! :smile::+1:. I

I did stop n grab my britches before going out the front door. But did get my tar heal feet wet in the morning dew. I’m hoping to see some Northern Lights too. It’s been awhile.

I’ll finish up my last three inspects on Humpday (tomorrow). I need to do careful mite checks but so far the others have been “0’s” or just “1’s” per 300 bee ratio.

Nitie nite all,


That is special - didn’t notice Venus there at first! Always enjoy celestial & weather phenomena too :first_quarter_moon_with_face::sparkles::zap:

Saw a whole entire rainbow across the sky one evening after a rainy day a few weeks ago, really amazing! Then I had a good laugh because it looked as though it ended at the grocery store :wink:

As Derek Pitts our Chief Astronomer at the local public radio station always says, “Keep looking up!”


Saw the same sky as you while letting the cat out early in the morning. It was a nice way to start the day. Wednesday was a little cool but it looks like we’re in for warmer weather over the holiday weekend. Thought it was always a blue tarp weekend up here in the Pacific Northwest on Memorial Day.

Love the picts, keep up the good work.


Humpday morning you K,

Bit cool again this A.M. but Wx should rebound n warm up near upper 60’s to (crossing my fingers) the low 70’s. Just check my Wx station here at Coslfield. We dropped to 43.1 dgs out here about 03:00 n has popped up 47.0 @ 05:00.

Been cruising the neighborhood n wild areas nearby. I see lots of yellow buttercup, Mtn Ash tree, small vine blackberry n clover on for the girls. Few other blooming plants too like colorful Rhodys. Love Spring time around here.

The main “Flow” is just around the corner. From the sampling I’ve checked they are just one week from the big starting day. I’m guessing our first 3 weeks of June will be Blsckberry Hsrvest this year if soil moistures n temps keep mild.

Got these pix’s on Monday of our nearby berries.

. You are closer to the water so you might be a dab ahead of us. Ready or not, Here we GO !

Take care over on your hill,