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Mornington peninsula bee people?

Mornington peninsula victoria beekeepers? Love to connect with others interested in the flow hive.

Hello…very old thread I know but I am just starting out with a Flow Hive on the Mornington Peninsula so would be interested in meeting anyone else locally. Thanks! Mike

Hi mike. Yes love to have someone else to touch base with. I’ve had mine since march but am just about to use the “flow” bits in the next few weeks. Very excited to see how it all goes! Have you been to a Southside beekeepers mtg? I’m in red hill. Cheers. Becca

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I’m also on the Mornington Peninsula. Mount Martha area. I have had my Flow Hive for a year now and would love to catch up with others in my area.

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yes me too! have you harvested any honey yet? I’m going to put my flow on hopefully next week- just need this wind to settle!

Hi Beccabee,
No, have nor harvested honey from flow frames but took one ordinary frame out which yielded well.
Good luck with flow frames! I coated mine with wax, but the bees still seem unenthusiastic. Think it’s the cold plastic.
Let’s keep in touch.

I’ve been helping a friend out with his traditional hive and he’s got some good yield at the moment. I’ve heard that bees don’t always like the plastic in the cooler climates. I haven’t been to a Southside meeting yet but I feel it’s definitely something I should do. My nuc should be arriving within the next few weeks so it’s very early days for me. I’m in Frankston South…so please keep me posted as I feel very new to all of this!

Hi there,
Have your bees arrived yet?

Hi…I’ve just heard that my nuc is ready so I may collect it this week or at the weekend

Hi my name is Chris and I am wanting to speak with someone who is already using the Flow Hive. I want to know where I can get my initial bees from anywhere Southeast of Melb eg Preferably around Mornington/Cranbourne/Pakenham. A mentor or a club in any of these areas would be an advantage so I can learn eg Is it better to have 2 hives in different locations, or one location or add another base box, as I have a rural property with 10 acres of trees and surrounding forest and suburban house. My username is Beeutiful1, not me the property.

What suburb or town are you in as I want to know where to get local bees.

Where is the “southside” bee club? or the Mornington Peninsula beekeepers? Please 0421 514 742

Hi everyone Lisa here from Leaping Bees in Arthur’s Seat. Very excited to see a local community chat area. I am on a steep learning curve with one traditional and one flow hive. Loving it

Hi everyone. I’m in Balnarring with 2 traditional hives & one flow box that I’ve added to a traditional brood box. Heaps of bees this year. Happy to catch up wth anyone. Maybe we should organize something? Cheers Lisa

Hello everyone. Yes I’ve found beekeeping to be an amazingly complex and dazzling thing. The name of the beekeeping group I’ve gone to is Southside beekeepers club, inc (on Facebook and website). They meet once a month on a Wednesday in frankston. Good resources and talks and a beginners series as well. I got my swarm in late feb from greg 0409422673. He was great and has been really helpful in getting me started. I still haven’t put my flow on yet- hoping for a bit warmer spring weather one day and honey in the near future. Best of luck!

Hello my name is jo myself and my brother in law Trevor have wanted to have our own hives
We are very interested in the honey flow
Neither of us have any experience in beekeeping but are very keen to start
We are in Mc Crae Trevor’s back yard is perfect for at least a few hives
Would you be able to go e us some advice on where to start
I have had s look at a couple of courses but am unsure which one to do
I see the Mornington Club had a course at the briars coming up
I really love the idea of the honey flow not disturbing the bees etc.
kind regards

Hi jo. I really enjoyed the beginners course through the Southside beekeepers and would recommend taking one before getting bees. The book I love is Australian beekeeping Manuel by Robert Owen. It’s complete at times and some problem solving along the way so good to have someone to help understand it with you

Thank you for answering me so promptly, i will see if our local bookshop has it, and also about the course.

I will let you know how we go [:blush:] .



I got my nuc about 3 weeks ago and set it down in the garden. I then had to go overseas for 2 weeks so left one of the children in charge of daily hive observation. On Saturday we transferred the frames to the brood box along with 3 extra frames to make up the difference. 3 frames were full of bees and there seemed to be plenty of capped brood in the cells. I expected to see more bees but the outer 2 frames didn’t have much going on. The bees were very calm - no bumping or angry buzzing. It took about a day for them to settle into the new hive but by Sunday morning they were coming and going as normal. My plan now is to just wait…hopefully the weather will warm up and if they continue to forage they should get enough food to start growing the colony. Will probably check the hive again in 2 -3 weeks to see if they are filling out the frames. So far, I have learnt to build frames and then wire them and add the wax foundation and, although stressful(!), I am fairly comfortable inspecting the hive. Would love to learn and share with any other Peninsula forum members out there…Mike

Not sure if anyone from the Peninsula is still following this thread but just updating that I now have the flow super on and when I checked a couple of weeks ago, the bees were starting to fill the gaps in the cells with wax or propolis. So, fingers crossed they are actually getting ready to move in! If there’s anyone out there that wants to share any info please let me know…Mike