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Bee Documentaries and Movies


Documentary: More than Honey: http://www.morethanhoneyfilm.com/about.html

Documentary: Burt’s Buzz (the story of the Burt’s Bees company): http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/burts_buzz/


Both of those are on Netflix. I’ve seen both and they were extremely interesting.

Another good one on Netflix that I’ve seen is The Vanishing of the Bees: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1521877/


Morgan Spurlock (the guy who did “supersize me”) has been doing a series called “inside man”. In season three he takes a look at various aspects of beekeeping from the hobbyist to the big bee companies and looks at the problems facing the industry. It was a great episode from someone who doesn’t have a stake in the battle.

Inside Man on CNN.



Nice Time- Lapse


I’ll have to check that one out…


Oh, I am going to love this one!


TED talk by Anand Varma


PBS Natural Beekeeping by Jerry Dunbar. It costs $20 from Amazon, however its a good video on raising bees and bee husbandry.
A teaser here => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-eAEQuRU9Y


Jerry Dunbars Blog posts with video clips


This one is really good! Here’s the time lapse as an embedded video:


I’ve seen this one, its amazing. I contacted them about what photography gear they used to film, but they weren’t willing to share (at least I think it was them). I’ve contacted several folks who’ve done documentaries with great bee footage, but its hard to get them to disclose their secrets. :confused:


Malrla Spivak on TED



OK Something new about our old “friends” Neoniocs

Monsanto, which is the world leader in genetically modified (GM) crops (and the pesticides and herbicides that go along with them), bought Beeologics in 2013, a company whose primary goal is finding a solution to the colony collapse disorder (CCD, the widely used term to describe bee die-offs).



Just finished watching “More than Honey”, I’ll have to watch the rest. Someone needs to make this a sticky memo there is some very important information here.


Hello all,
If you look a bit closer at this film, you will find that Bayer is behind it, and continues on with it’s slimy “Bee Care” promotion. I published this post back in May 2014. The first big clue is what beekeepers would have the kind of money to produce and market this film? Some amazing footage to be sure, but these people are no friends to bees!