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My bees are moving into my Flow Hive right now!


:grinning: I’ve put a video here, and I’ll post another soon. https://www.facebook.com/SydneyFlowHiveCommunity/

So I got my package from the wonderful folks at Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies, picked up some other essentials along the way. Some folks from the bee club invited themselves along, big mistake, I should have said no. Their opinions were loud and disapproving as they tried to arrange my hive to their liking, it made for a frustrating and annoying experience for my first time putting bees into a hive. Once they were gone though, I got to sit back and admire my bees. They are remarkable. Little golden fairies. I love them. The queen is alive and kicking, as a moving carpet of bees work on drawing up comb beneath her, the attendants chewing at the candy to free the queen. The hive has gone through about 2-3 cups of sugar water and it has been 6 hours.


Hi Jess, Glad to hear your bees went in without a hitch, beekeepers can be a funny lot and I guess you have experienced this first hand. Don’t let it put you off being part of a club, there is generally a lot of people within clubs with a wealth of information and who think in the way that you do with a few more years under their belt, they will be quiet but will open up once you get to know them. I have a similar issue in my club, and after a while you lean towards socialising and communicating with like minded people. I am sure the club members only had the best interests of your hive setup in mind, though maybe a little too forthright in their opinions.