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Advertising Flow honey?


I just thought about the legal side of selling honey that came out of a flow hive. Up to now I only sold one glass and gave away two as a gift, always telling people thst it is as it came from the hive. Not filtered or processed in any way, so bits of wax may be in it. Am I allowed to design a label which states these facts, referring to the honeyflow Website? Am I allowed to even use the flow logo with this reference? I know people who refuse to eat honey because they consider the methods of production cruel, but after having heard of the flow frames, they would buy that honey. So this would be a quality statement I’d like to have on my labels.


I think @Valli asked this awhile ago, perhaps if you do a search? From memory you can state that it’s collected from a Flow hive, but there are conditions re trademark?


Have a look at the following post from the Flow legal team regarding this very subject.


Thanks a lot. So I’ll design my label and send it to the legal guys to have it acknowledged.