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My Project is coming together


Let us know how the one box does this year. We just added our second as that’s what everyone in our area does. You are that much further south than us though. Maybe it makes a big difference. Flowers look like they are coming up nicely. Can’t wait to see what it looks like with everything blooming!


Thanks. I was going to go with 2 brood boxes but then I learned that the local apriary here (sunparlor honey) only does one box on all their hives. I was very surprised but will follow their foot steps. :smile:


I didn’t have much burr comb saved. My bees are only 4 weeks old but this is what I did. I also put 1 drop of lemon grass essential oil on the top of the flow frames in hopes it will aid in getting bees to use the frames. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, I had the girls come visit me outside while i was smearing the comb…lol

Flow super will be put on later this afternoon


Wow. It worked . 45mins after install!!!


Thank you for the feedback and the photos. Nice to know the advice is reliable for other people too. :blush:


Hot day today. Some found shade. Lots of fanning at the entrance. 40deg !!!

2 days after flowsuper install!

Took to the flow frames very well. :yum:


that’s a very good sign that they have laid nectar in already- looks you have a flow on!


Wildflowers are growing fast



Wow, your bee garden looks like an advertisement for Miracle-Gro! :smile:


Natural miracle grow. Peat moss, wormcastings and fish bone meal :thumbsup: :facepunch: :poop: :smile:


Just bearding?


Hard to tell. Could be - how hot was it? At 27C or more, my strong hive beards.

However, the truth is in the inspections. When did you last inspect? Any queen cells? They may just be bearding, or they may be plotting a swarm. If no queen cells, they are just bearding because of the heat and a full hive.

I recently spoke with a beekeeper who has a horrendous robbing problem. The hive was being inspected at 2 week intervals. I suspect that it swarmed and was weakened from that, and the swarm left the hive, undetected by the beekeeper. That hive is being robbed now, probably because of a nectar dearth in that area (very hot weather for quite a few days) and very few original bees left to defend the remaining stores. That is the reason I am asking about inspections.

There are some myths out there that hive inspections are not needed very often. I disagree profoundly, unless we are talking about a new package or a nucleus in only one box. Those can be left alone for 2 week periods until they have filled a deep. For established hives, during a nectar flow, I think inspections should be done at least once per week (searching diligently for hidden queen cells), unless you are willing to risk losing bees and honey to a swarm. Just my humble opinion. :blush:


I inspect every Saturday. This past Saturday I extensively searched for queen cells and found zero. everything looked great. Queen is laying lots of eggs and bees are working hard. It is crowded in there I bet. The bees on the front are doing washboarding again.
It’s not to hot but is starting to warm up tonight and humidity is rising.
I’m thinking all is good and strong. Thanks for asking the questions. :blush:

Edit. No robbing as far as I have seen


They went back in



Oh wow, lovely photos. You have a full hive there! :wink:

From your further descriptions, it sounds like just bearding to me. Many congratulations, it looks like you will be harvesting soon! :blush:

Don’t trust them thar bees, though. They’s devious!! :smile:


I hear ya!
I took this photo and was thinking …these ladies are planning, (@Dawn_SD), something; Looking into my eyes with those “devious” eyes and all. :dizzy_face: :smiling_imp:


You have a good point. Maybe they are not washboarding, they are “planing” the wood instead!! :smile:

On the other hand, they may just be planning on how to keep us all guessing! :smiling_imp: :sweat_smile: :sunglasses:


How hilarious. Nice edit! Great to have a laugh with good friends. :joy: