National Flow Hive Super on Poly BroodBox

Hi there,
Does any one have experience in adding a National Flow Hive super on to National brood boxes, either cedar or polystyrene?

I’m keen to get at least one FH super going this year but have been advised there might be some differences in the super/brood box external dimensions. I would have thought anything for a National hive would be sized to suit.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Not understanding national hive a look at the dimensions, but essentially if the boxes don’t line up perfectly. It’s just a look issue. The bees will move up and down as they need to. Just try not to leave any air gaps. For if there are openings, they will just fill it with Proclus, causing them to extinguish more energy filling up gaps and then when you go into hive inspection. You’ve got more stuff to work with and remove

I’ve seen people make modifications to a lid to go from a 10 frame box to an eight frame honey super I can imagine the same thing could not happen between these two boxes. If there is a gap

I saw “the crazy Russian Hacker” on youtube place his flow super on the plastic hives along with other wooden supers too. So not seeing your hive is a disadvantage though I think I know what hive your talking about.

Hi Martha,

I use Swienty polystyrene hives. As a new user I can’t upload photos :frowning:I’ll check what size the boxes are.

Thanks for your reply!

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You should be able to do so now - you have posted twice and received a “Like”. :blush:

It seems that the Langstrof hives are the same dimensions.

I’ve determined that the Flow Hive National boxes are 460mm on each side, same as my poly hives should I should be ok.

Langstroth definitely isn’t the same size as National. National boxes are a bit smaller and more square than Langstroth. You would have trouble mixing the two. However, I think @Queenie is thinking of trying a Flow super in National size (available in Europe, as Brits and Irish use a lot of National hive parts) on top of a polystyrene National hive. It should fit OK, but it might look strange as the poly hives tend to have thicker walls than the wood super. You could ask @Faroe whether she has any information from Flow about this.

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