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Need someone to remove a hive or two near Freer tx


I have a deer lease between freer and San Diego. There is a hive of bees in the wall of our trailer house and it looks like another new one in our storage container. Would anyone be able to remove them or give me a number for someone who can. I don’t want to kill them but they have to go.


It might be a good one for @Dusty, I’m not sure if @Dawn_SD is into extracting bees out of walls.


If Freer is in Texas, that is over 1,000 miles away. Not going. Sorry! :blush:

On the other hand if the OP is actually in Duval county, that is Florida - over 2,000 miles. Definitely not going… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks Dawn, I should have checked first. I thought that maybe Freer is just outside of San Diego. I wouldn’t mind a few local trap-outs myself. Low hanging swarms would be better :slight_smile:


I’m in Houston… that’s about 4 hours awa, though…


There are few around in Texas, not sure how close though: