New and from Stafford, Virginia

Let’s see here. We (myself, wife, son (6 years)) are from Stafford, Virginia, USA.

We got our full Flow Hive during the Indiegogo funding. Since then we’ve bought a second set of six frames.

We’ve sat on them for a year, and are finally ready to do this. In April, we will get two packages of bees, and the adventure begins.

I am realistic in knowing that our first year will be learning, and mistakes, and probably no honey, but next year!

We have never done this before, so wish us luck, and if you are in the area, look us up.


Hi, Jeff here, I’m from down under, I think this is where the crows fly backwards:), however good luck with your upcoming adventure.

The answers to every conceivable question you can think of in relation to bees & beekeeping are contained in this forum, so good luck, cheers

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Thank you!

We are certainly looking forward to it.

Greeting from the Pacific NW,

Gerald here. Guessing you have the Flow-hive all assembled n ready to GO there. Glad you have the two Nucs (?) ordered … Usually depending on when you ordered these should arrive mid to late April.

Curious about the 6 frames ?! I’m guessing the is a 6 frame deep hive body setup too ?! Odd amount of frames but what the heck !! Hives are hive … I only use 5, 8, n 10 frame wide hive boxes. Not sure what supplier goes for a sixer wide. As long as you can buy extra 6 frame supers that should be good. You’ll find the narrower hives (2,3,4, n 5’s n maybe your 6 are usually called Nuc/starter colonies. Mine really grow upward like a chimney fire as the colony does have to draw comb widthwise … Be ready with extra 6 frame wide supers. When you get your 5 frame Nucs that wood or cardboard hive is almost or totally ready for expansion.

You Flow-hive will have some growing space being several frames (8) wider but that 6 frame if you have local good bloom should almost have another 6 frame super ready to go on soon if not immediately or they will feel stuff n out of room thus get in the SWARM mood n that’s not what you want to deal with so quickly.

I’d be finding a local bee club, some classes n a knowledgeable mentor to lean on at times. You’ll have a lot less problems raising honeybees from the “Get-Go” !

Got more questions … Give us a try here on the forum. There’s a lot of experience n thots/ opinions here. But basic beekeeping is same same worldwide. You’ll quickly gain experience n your way soon enough.

Good luck n happy beekeeping,

I can understand the misunderstanding here. I believe I can allay your concerns about our plans. When I say “6 frames” what I mean is, that we are using an 8 frame Langstroth hive setup, which translates to using 6 Flow Frames in the Super.

Yes, we have some decent clubs in the area, as well as a local supplier who provides an excellent course for beginning beekeepers.



Got ya ! Guess I wasn’t thinking about the Flow-super … I’ve got a grip on your situation now. I have both 6 n 7 frame Flow-frame supers. The 6’s fit on my 8 frame hive n the 7 frame Flow fits on my 10 frame Langstroth hives.

If your like most of us Northeners doubt the Flow will get much if any action … We use double deeps out here to provide enough over winter food supply. What are the locals recommending back there ? I got my Flow-hive first of July n the near end of our only big nectar flow (blackberries). The fetal colony I added to my Flow-hive was 15 frames of brood, mixed brood n nectar/pollen n just plain honey frames. That’s a pretty strong change out to start my new Flow with in July. I did add the flow-frames to the hive stack for the four weeks of Auqust they didn’t get any honey up there but did wax seal the cell. That progress, smell n usage I’m hoping will give me an advantage this season.

Crossing my fingers here,


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A northerner? Why sir, I am offended! We are not Floridian here, but I shall have you know that we live well south of Mr. Mason and Mr. Dixon’s line!

But yes, we shall see how well it works in our area.

Do take the above in the jovial spirit it was intended, and read it to yourself in the most genteel southern accent possible for maximum effect.

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Lilaos, I’m new to the forum. Planning 2 hives to start late April in Nelson County, south of Charlottesville. Were you able to get your hives set up to take advantage of this WARM spring and presumably early flows? Hope you’re doing well.

PS: Love your southern spirit. :sunglasses: I don’t think Gerald, being in the Pacific NW, is as sensitive to the southern pride :wink:


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Yes, I just checked them. First check since the queens are out and doing their jobs!

Both seem to be laying fools!

I would have to assume that is meant in a ‘loving way’! Did it seem like the girls were packing in some pollen and nectar already?

Oh yeah, I mean it in a good way!

There was capped “honey” although much of it was sugar water honey, and some “real” honey. And many cells with pollen, and we saw loads of girls hauling pollen in!