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New beekeeper in Cardiff NSW (Lake Macquarie area)

Hey there guys!
Hoping to get in touch with some local beekeeping experts in my local area so I can learn from the best. I’m 2 springs in to my beekeeping journey and am wondering if it is time to split my hive. So many questions!

If anyone is interested in a little bit of online mentoring, I’d be super grateful!



I you can post some photos of an inspection, we can try to help you. :blush:

My thinking it is about the right time in your area to be thinking about doing a Spring split. The signs are a big increase in brood area and in bee numbers, Any sign of bearding from late afternoon that isn’t a result of a hot day needs checking out. An increase in bur comb is another consideration.
I do my splits before there is queen cells being made and the split taken has eggs and young larvae they will produce a new queen for the colony.

I am a member of Hunter Valley Amateur Beekeeping and before Covid we have had a huge membership increase that I suspect is due to the interest in Flow Hives. Before Covid we met once a month and members are always only to happy to give their advice and we also have a mentoring system where you can go to for advice. Check out Facebook or our website.

I’m another local, down in Woodrising. I joined up with the Hunter Beekeepers mid 2019 and found good support in the group. It’s a shame we can’t meet at the moment.

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