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New bees and honey question


hello .

iam a new at the beekeeping and i have a couple question .
1-is ti ok to put new bees to the current hive ?
2- when do i have honey (iam in saudi arabia)



see this post :slight_smile:


i have the flowhive and i mean to bring bees with out the queen ?


not sure I understand, but the bee have an odor of the Queen wherever they came from so regardless the bees should be introduced to the new Queen slowly and that’s what the newspaper does between 2 hives that have been associated with 2 different queens


i have a queen but i need more bees with out a queen


So my assumption is you have a queen and you have some bees. And if you buy more B’s you will need to introduce all of them together slowly. I would suggest taking to brood boxes, your existing queen and B’s in the bottom box, put newspaper down between the next to brood box on top. Put the new B’s in the bread box on top again separated by the newspaper. Put your lid on and walk away. With in a few days they will be acclimated to each other adjusted to the Queens pheromones and wanting to be around her, and they will have chewed through the newspaper. Do not introduce them without some sort of process similar to what I’ve described


but i dont have a brood box . i have the flowsuper
should i remove the frames from the box and put the bees in it ?

and how many days should i let them in and should i remove the queen excluder ?


You need to do some general reading about keeping bees. Michael Bush’s website is a great start. There are many others.


What kind of box are your new bees in currently? I’ve just dumped them in before without issue but I use heavy smoke so all the bees can’t smell one another. Once the smoke clears they are none the wiser. Worst case scenario is they fight, kill the queen, and make a new one.


iam using honeyflow flowhive which is a flowhive on the bottom and flowsuper with frames on top .


i have bees but i dont think its enough


Take the super off and run them as a single box hive till they build up.



How many bees do you have? Can you post some pictures? One method to introduce more bees to an existing hive is to put the new bees in the super separated with newspaper with some small tears. The smells are mingled and after a day or two they chew through the paper. Be sure it’s not too warm otherwise they will perish.


I meant the bees you want to add to your flow hive: What kind of box are they in?


this is my hive


still not sure I am understanding, this needs to building it self up quit a bit before adding your Flow Frames. look at this video. I am just thinking of adding a second brood box and then maybe in a month or 2 will add my floor frames box and on top


Looks like they need feeding urgently, as they have hardly drawn any comb out.

I agree with the other comments - restrict the bees to one box (no Flow super on top yet).


If that is all the bees you have you need to make a five frame nuc box up and transfer them. The box you have them in is too big for them. You also need to be feeding them LOTS to get them going. Once they have filled the nuc you can put them in the full sized box. Once that is full you could consider your honey super if there is a flow, otherwise just leave it off and let them build up in population and resources. Strong hives produce harvestable honey, weak hives are just a host for every pest in the area.



what should i feed them ?


Granulated sugar dissolved in water at a 1:1 ratio. So 1kg of sugar to 1 liter of water.

You will need to buy a feeder - don’t just put a bucket of it in front of the hive! :astonished: You can use a contact feeder (pail feeder), a hive top feeder or a Boardman feeder. But they need feeding urgently.