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New FH2+ in The Dandenongs

Excited to be joining the beekeeping and flow community :slight_smile: Representing the Dandenongs in Victoria!

After spending the week building my FH2+ and preparing their new home I was super excited to have the hive filled with bees today. I have a 30 degree slope in my yard so decided to put some pavers down to make it more stable and fit nicely into the scenery.

Some photos of my hive


Really nice looks great and what a view.
You may well have already thought about it but can I suggest you make a similar paved area a metre away for when your super is installed for placing a stand or blocks to assist with inspections. It also gives you the ready made location for a split come swarm season.
Good luck.


That’s a great idea, something I hadn’t thought about. Thanks for the advice!

I’m already looking forward to dragging more bluestone pavers all the way up the hill :wink: