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New Flow Hive in Greenwich, CT


So is mine the first Flow Hive in CT?



Great job on the Flow-hive. Looks great. When do you get your bees ?! Keep us posted. Good luck !



Thanks. I installed a 5-frame nuc on May 12 and added three empty frames. After a week one of the empty frames was largely filled.

-Mike Gatliff



I’m in Middlesex County.
I installed my first package of my life on May 4.
Since you installed a nuc, you’ll probably be able to harvest before me.
20/20 hindsight, I now wish I had done the same!

When I was looking for local clubs via Google, the Fairfield County club kept coming up in the results. Have you contacted them and did they recommend a second brood box for winter survivability?


J (May I call you J?),

I am a complete novice as well. Installing a nuc was my serendipitous Plan C. I got distracted when my first grandchild was born, and tried to order a pack of bees when all the big boys were sold out. Plan B was to attract a wild swarm using Lemongrass oil. Then my friend’s daughter noticed a guy in Brewster, NY selling nucs for $155. Mike Bruen is a wonderful young guy who has been tending bees since he was a kid. He sells a mix of Italians, Germans, Russians and Carniolans, which he has found to be relatively resistant to mites. I asked him about the second brood box and am waiting to hear.

I joined the Southern Fairfield County Backyard Beekeepers Association. I went to one meeting in the fall. Lotsa folks willing to share info and advice. I had to miss the big spring meeting which included different seminars.

Feel free to call me if you want to talk bees.

Mike Gatliff


Great Mike.

Good to hear from you.

Glad you got connected to a bee supplier and the club!

  • John