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New Flow Hiver - Mornington Peninsular, VIC, Australia

Hi there. I’m excited to be getting my first Flow Hive ready on the Mornington Peninsular and keen to connect with people in the area, suggested clubs etc…

One immediate question I have is on best positioning for my hive from someone in the area and familiar with the weather. How much shading should I be looking to provide from the Melbourne / Mornington Peninsular summers?


Good morning simonp85. Welcome to the chat! I’m only a newbie too, in central vic. Keep the girls out of the wind, in the morning sun. Afternoon shade is best for our hot summers. I have an area with a removable head shelter so in the winter they can have full sun. My first hive got too much shade so I had to swap over the brood box as there was a bit of mould. Since moving them they are doing great.
Good luck with your new adventure! It’s an amazing one!!!

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