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New Guy in North Georgia, USA!


Whats up guys/gals? New guy here from N. GA. My hive arrived recently, I plan on assembling it with a few beers on Friday. I am still waiting on my FlowFrames, but it’s not a big deal I’m waiting till spring to start any way. I dont want my “newbness” to be the cause of a hive loss, so I am using this time before spring to do a lot of reading.

I am attending a meeting of my local beekeepers club tonight so I hope to garner tons of information from that! I know I sure got tons of knowledge from members of my Homebrew beer club when I first started that almost 10 years ago.

So just wanted to post up and say hey, i’m loving what i’m reading so far here!


Beer isn’t a good glue, I would suggest using the screws provided with the kit… :laughing: Sorry, couldn’t resist the joke.

Hope the club treated you well. Even if you don’t want to start beekeeping until the spring, I suggest you place an advance order for bees very soon. Many places sell out very fast in the winter for spring delivery. If somebody at your club knows a good local source, that might be the best place to start.

Anyhow, welcome!


THanks for the advice! Beer is by far a much better lubricant! ROFL

After tonights meeting I will probably be placing those pre-orders!


One more thing, you might not want to confess to the meeting that you have a Flow hive. Traditional beekeepers can be very negative about new stuff. Your brood box (deep) will behave exactly like a traditional hive, and that is the box you will start with. You may want to buy a second deep if beekeepers in your area use double deeps (most do in the southern half of the US). So for the the first season, you may not even need your Flow super.

All the best!



Thanks for the heads up!

I’m sure it’s like the battle between homebrewers, All Grain or Extract. ROFL


Sounds like an excellent analogy :smile: