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OSR and Ivy - Flow Hive Yes or No?

Okay, I know this question has been asked but I need it broken down, so its stupid proof.

I’ve been told not to get a flow hive because of OSR and Ivy, as this doesn’t work in the UK, just to get a normal national.

There are many reasons why I want to get a flow hive, the main reason being the flow hive is going to be used on a working farm/day service for adults with autism and learning disabilities. The flow hive makes beekeeping so acciesble, not just for the novice, but for many people from a vareity of backgrounds and abilities, because it elimiates a lot of the risk that I, as a responsible provider, have to negate, but the by the sounds of it, to a novice anyway, I won’t be able to do this now.

Yet, I’ve read on the forums that there are certain months when rape seed is flowering I could either not have a super on or have a normal super on. If I had the choice, I’d got for a no super because we wouldn’t be able to extract anyway more than likely. I’ve also read that if I harvest quickly and don’t leave OSR honey or Ivy honey in the flow supers it will be okay.

How true is this?

Can someone break it down into simple steps.



Hi Bobby, I’d be listening to the advice of the local beekeepers near you. Maybe after a few inquiries, you might be able to find someone near you that has a flow hive. The flow hive sounds easy, however you are still faced with the same challenges as traditional beekeepers as far as looking after the bees, etc. are concerned.

is from the UK, I’m sure by tagging her like this should be able to get on and help. She has been a great resource for me. I trust her a lot.

If she hasn’t in a few days. Try reaching out to her directly.

Hi Bobby, when I was at the National honey show there was a school which I think is in the south east area of the uk which use a flow hive for children with special needs. If I remember the name I will let you know. As for osr and ivy I just harvest it before it sets and haven’t had a problem so far.

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Hi Bobby, have just found the place I mentioned in my previous post. It is Charlton Park Academy and they are based in Greenwich. The lady I spoke to was very enthusiastic and welcomed people with an interest in Flow Hives for educational purposes.

Hi Paul,

That’s great, thank you!

I don’t suppose you have a name for this person at the school do you?

@Valli I’ve heard you may have some advice around this?

Im afraid I don’t but I’m sure if you emailed them it would find the right person. Sorry I can’t be any more help.

Sorry I’m no where near OSR closest to me is over 5 miles as the crow flies

Valli, hope your doing well :slight_smile: Miss you

Most I’ve read on OSR honey is to harvest before it is fully capped.

In addition to my own FlowHive Bobby 'm setting up a hive on site at JLR Solihull in the West Midlands as a project to support employees with Mental Health Illnesses as well as to promote and educate the kids from the onsite Nursery about a sustainable future and the importance of honey bees and pollinators.

:honeybee: interesting to compare stories this coming year and see what OSR issues we come across if any.

FlowHive is definitely a good place to start with learning disabilities very calming if introduced to the bees properly.