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New York Flow Keepers


Hi, I’m from Oceanside, Long Island. There is a bee club out in Suffolk, but I am in the middle of beginning a new business, and I have not had time to go to a meeting yet. I only have an interest at this point. Does anyone know when the Flow Hive is going to be delivered? Thanks.



If you go to this website: https://www.honeyflow.com/user/login
Enter your e-mail address under: "Are you an Indiegogo contributor?"
and press send my password, you will be sent your password via e-mail.
Login and you will be able to find out when your Flow Hive is arriving.



Hi everyone ! New beekeeper here. Very excited to learn all I can. Dave I met you at the last Western New York Honey Producers Association . Nice presentation by the way. I am very interested in organic beekeeping and naturally drawn comb and what everyone’s experience with it has been. ~ Norma


Hello, my wife and I live in Beacon, NY. We just got our flowhive and we are going to get started soon. I’ve found some local sources for bees nearby in Kingston, Saratoga, and Brooklyn as well as northern NJ. We are looking forward to hearing from anyone in the area about their success/problems.


@vaclavshovel try to get bees from a =n area close to your climate - it will help enormously - you are in a relatively cold are prone to snow so getting local bred bees they will be better able to cope in your area - ask the question from the various places - it make help you to choose.

Don’t go for Queen bred way south - they will not be acclimatised and may not survive your cold winters


Thanks for the advice - we are getting a locally grown nuc for sure. Appreciate the reassurance.


Not only go for locally grown bees in your nuc but ask for an over wintered queen. Overwintered queens have a better chance of survival.



Hello New Yorkers!

I live in Westchester County and am about to start two hives. One flow and one ten frame “traditional”.

Hoping to find others close by.


Hi there! I am in Dutchess County. I bought a Flow Hive, but haven’t set it up yet. Any suggestions? Thanks!


sorry, but I can’t help myself … Set it up :wink:

I am at the top of 684 in Westchester. I have one Flow Hive and one “standard” 10 frame. Getting two boxes of bees in a few weeks.


Can anyone help me find a queen in westchester. This is my first hive and i just finished building the flow box but realized I need help getting started and i need a queen. Any help is appreciated!


You know that you can’t start a new hive with just a queen? You need a package or a nucleus. I would suggest that you join a local bee club and ask them what is available now - it is getting late to get bees unless a club member can help out, or you catch a swarm.


Thank you, i just found a class that will teach me and they also let me know.


Great news! They may not be all that friendly about the Flow hive, but everything that applies to your traditional hive will also apply to the Flow. So just go and soak up all of the information, and we can help you with the Flow part when it comes to that. The only difference really is in extracting honey, so you probably won’t need to do anything different in your first year. :wink:


Do you still need a queen? I have a great source. He is also getting 300 packages of bees on May 20th - though I dont know if they are all taken.


Hi Nconantj -
Its been a long time since we’ve spoken. How are your hives going? I could use a little advice. I wasn’t able to harvest last year and haven’t yet this year either. I went back to school and was consumed with studies. Yesterday, I was mowing my pasture and drove near the hives and noticed they are starting to build comb outside the top frame, so I think those hives must be full of honey. I had trouble turning the key last time and I had help, but this time I’m going it alone, so my question is whether one person can smoke the hive and pull the honey. The second question is if I missed my window of opportunity to harvest as its going to get cold all of next week and I’m afraid I’ll do something to the bees if its too cold. I’d love to know your thoughts and if there is anyone that you know of in the Rochester area that might want to walk me through this. I may post this question too…sorry for the long note…Becky