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Newbie - single board frame separator

Hi all, I am a newbie beekeeper and I have just got a swarm from another veteran beekeeper. Family looks strong.
This beekeeper told me to keep the family tight on just 4 - 5 frames, where bees should stay and put in the middle to keep bees there a separator (I am not sure how you call it correctly).
If possible to attach a link, it is basically like a frame but completely closed.

I have a FH 2 ARA 7.
Can someone tell me if I can buy it somewhere for the hive or if I have to just take a carton box and cut it by myself (even though it is not wood they told me it should work).
Thank you.

Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

That is called a follower board in the US, and a dummy board in the UK. :wink:

You can buy them from almost any beekeeping supplies place. Mann Lake has them, but they chose a really poor quality one to photograph:

That board is the correct size for your Flow hive brood box. :wink:

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Thank you Dawn!

I built one myself… I measured the frame and assembled two pieces together.

Thanks for explaining me how they are called)