NICOT queen rearing system

I just took a queen rearing class, just outside of Tulsa Oklahoma. Ken Davis owner of Little Creek be ranch teaches and all day classroom setting on queen rearing. He actually teaches 3 different methods at a minimum. Each are very cool and simple.

One is called notching, where you simply you notch around the comb where eggs are located, and they will create a new queen at that location.

The other one he calls bullet, this one’s really cool where you could create/have them create 15 or 20 queen cells fairly rapidly. And then take them away and put them in NUC.

All these methods, he’s actually learned from other websites and other people and he’s just trying to pass it on as well.

Fantastic teacher, slight comedian which makes the class enjoyable absolutely no PowerPoint.

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Sounds like a good day.
I’m a lazy beekeeper. If I need more colonies I just make nucs up from swarm cells from my favourite queens. Easy peasy and no fiddling about.
Or I separate the queen from the brood with a couple of supers and the bees make emergency cells which then go into new nucs

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that is right, that simple. time but simple