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Trying to find flowhives in Tasmania, Australia


hi everyone, just wondering if there are any Tasmanian Flow hives other than my own. I am allways willing to show mine
and i have two so if interested drop me a line


What area are you in? I am looking at starting and would be great to see a hive up close.
Cheers Kane


Hi Kane, we are in Derby, up in the North East. we have one in use, harvested once this season and will do again before bedding down for winter And one on the bench all oiled up and ready for bees, just a bit late for this year.
Regards Dennis


nice, Whats your thoughts on the flowhive mate? Are you happy with it?
How much honey did you get out of your harvest?
I am heading to Derby MTB riding on the long weekend I would love to check it out?


hi Kane, just give us a ring on 0417133058 when in Derby, will come and
get you and you can check it out

regards Dennis


Good morning. I am In Tassie!! We haven’t started a Hive yet. Still studying and looking into it. Would love to purchase the flow hive in next few months. Nice to see other Tasmanian’s here!


what area of the state Lynette


Im in Launceston. We have a yard we think big enough for a hive and we are really close to a bushy park.


Hi there. How has your experience been with them. I am building up my hives first. So exciting.


Hi all,

Just wondering if there’s anyone around Hobart that we could link my in laws in with? We’re looking into buying them a FlowHive.

Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated on:

  • local beekeeping groups
  • suggestions on best places to situate the hive
  • local knowledge on why there are so few bees in Hobart this year…(dec 2017)



I’m also looking at getting a FlowHive in Hobart. Did you get in contact with anyone?
Kindest regards


Hi James,
I’m keen to find out some information about your experience with the FlowHives. I’m in Hobart, and am looking into getting a FlowHive shortly.
Kindest Regards
Fiona Beer