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Nucs for sale Brisbane Northside

Hello Ryan,
So sorry for the late response. Thank you for your interest in my nucs. I have been overwhelmed with requests recently and do not anticipate being able to make enough nucs in the next couple of months. I recommend you give Jeff Heriot in Buderim a call on 54454 4603. He is a great older beekeeper who does not use the flow hive but is full of great knowledge about bees and will provide you with an excellent nuc. If you are unable to get a nuc from Jeff you could try John Devenish on this forum. He has sold colonies in the past and is located on the south side of Brisbane.
All the best with your bee keeping.

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You have already contributed to the forum by joining in an asking questions Casey. That is what the forum is all about. We are all brothers and sisters when it comes to bee keeping and you will find good advice and help here.

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Anybody have any nucs for this weekend? I am in Bardon?

Hello Cathie I live at Wamuran north of Brisbane. I am looking for some Nucs. Do you know of anybody who has Nucs available for sale? Thanks.

Hi Bill,
Unfortunately I don’t have any nucs to offer you at the moment. You could try Jeff Heriot in Buderim and John Devenish on the south side. Scroll up in this thread for Jeff’s number and I know John has posted his somewhere in the forum as well.
All the best. Cathie

Thanks Cathie I will give that a go.

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Hi cathie I’m looking to start my first flow hive and been reading a bit do you recommend getting a nuc to start

Hi Mark. Yes, I would recommend a nuc to start with. They can be either four or five frames to which you will add additional frames to fill your brood box. You can sometimes purchase a full hive if that is how you would prefer to go. I believe @Peter48 sells a complete hive and Jeff Heriot in Buderim sells nucs. My nucs are currently ‘spoken for’ unless the buyers’ circumstances have changed, in which case I’ll post that I have a nuc for sale.
Good luck with your new adventure!

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