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NW Arkansas - Fayetteville Area newbee wanting to learn more about beekeeping


I’m located in the Morrow area and looking to learn all I can about Bee Keeping. I will be getting my first Flow Hive in a couple of months. I will be needing everything else and all the information I can get. I would like to get off to a good start without making too many mistakes.

Stephen B.


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Thanks for the advise. I don’t know where the closest bee club exists as I’m out in the country. Fayetteville, AR is the closest large city/town.


There is a huge amount of info on this forum, particularly for those new to beekeeping.
Will take a long time to wade though the posts but you will find it interesting and informative.

DexterShed’s advice is spot on. Just Google for bee clubs in your area or go to the the USA BeeKeepers Association’s ( or what ever it is called) web site and ask there.