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Observation board flow 2


My observation board is colllecting water. Should I reverse it or drill some holes in it?


Photos would give us a better idea.


Do you mean the ‘observation window’ is steaming up and moisture condensing on the perspex window? That happening is normal with a new hive as it builds up stronger and the internal climate becomes stable.
As busso says a photo of what you are asking will help us to give you good help.
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Sorry I meant the white base tray. I just switched out my roof for winter and think maybe the water was leaking in from the roof!


Sounds pretty likely. Lots of people have seen that. A bit of outdoor caulking on the inside wherever there is a seam or a split helps. Or you could even get a roll of 20" wide roofing flashing (Home Depot or Ace) and put it under the shingles for a completely waterproof lid. :wink:


I would use a tube of silicone sealant and put a bead covering every joint and seam in the roof. You are not the first to have had leaks through the roof.


Doesn’t the FH2 have a single panel roof (each side) as opposed to those of us with the original and two panels per side?


Yes Alan, each side of the FH2 has a single panel on the roof bit there is still a water seepage point between the ridge capping and the top of the roofing panel. That is an easy fix when assembling using a bead of silicone sealant. That is a totally water proof joint.


It does, but as Peter said, the ridge can leak. Also the cedar tends to develop splits with time, especially when it is cut as thin as the roof shingles. Water can drip through the splits too.


@Kellypicc this is good. [quote=“Dawn_SD, post:5, topic:20486”]
you could even get a roll of 20" wide roofing flashing (Home Depot or Ace) and put it under the shingles for a completely waterproof lid.

Or you can forget the pretty and just put a tin roof on over the top of the wood as I have done now.

What ever path you go down make sure there is ventilation in the roof. I put a 25mm (1") hole in both end of the roof “triangles” towards the top of the apex for ventilation (photo taken before this).


Thanks for the suggestions! Sounds like this is a common problem


Hi Busso, I had a go at copy & pasting, but I still cant do it like Dawn etc.


Sorry to hear about your observation tray. It could also be condensation building up? You could try some diatomaceous earth which could help absorb moisture and also act as a bug trap. You can then empty it easily when it’s full of bugs or moisture.

Did you paint your roof with a couple of coats of waterproof paint or sealer?
p.15 of the manual: https://www.honeyflow.com/media/docs/Flow_Hive_2_Assembly_AU_2018.pdf